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Birth:  Ticonderoga, NY 12/20/1965 Michael grew up in Pennsylvania and has lived the last 20 years across this country.  He has three kids from his first marriage, and two step-kids and four grandboys from his current marriage of ten years.  His father is a Vietnam veteran and former Marine DI, his mother a homemaker and devout church volunteer and member. He currently works as a web content and graphics design consultant and his primary clients are in the travel services industry. In his spare time, he follows his passion for politics.  That passion began in 1982 when at the age of 16, he started participating as a campaign volunteer for a Republican state senator in his first challenge for the seat.   Michael continued to volunteer and support GOP candidates until 1992. In 1992, Michael joined the Ross Perot PA Campaign team, and helped to secure signatures to get Perot on the ballot.  In 1996, disillusioned with the GOP nominee Bob Dole, supported the Taxpayers Party candidate.  In 2000, again disillusioned with the nomination of George W Bush, left the GOP completely and became a Conservative Independent and started his path as a Constituional activist. From 2004 to 2007, Michael was a member of the Constitutionist Party, serving in state level positions for the North Carolina and Kentucky state chapters.  After moving to Georgia, he left the Constitution Party and got involved with the TEA Party and End The Fed, even helping to coordinate the Nov 22, 2008 Atlanta End The Fed rally. In 2009, he announced his candidacy to challenge Congressman David Scott in the 13th Congressional District of Georgia.  At first running as an Independent, it became clear that much of his base was going to be swept up with a Republican challenge in this heavy democratic district, thanks to a win by Republican candidate Scott Brown in Massachussets. As a New Liberty Democrat, Michael unsuccessfully challenged David Scott in the Democratic primary, but from that a kernel of interesting truth came out - within the traditionally liberal Democratic district, there were Democrats that saw the progressive policies of the current party as wrong for this country, and wanted a conservative, constitutional path to be taken. He recently launched Liberty's Engine Webmail Services, a free alternative webmail service for Conservatives tired of the liberal hype and panderings of GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others.  This service can be found at http://www.libertysengine.com In July 2011, Michael retired from political activism to pursue a ministry and launch Liberty Gospel Ministries. There is a serious attack on Christianity taking place in this country. Each day, we are forced further and further back, out of the Light, in the name of TOLERANCE. Church communities are being cowered to go along to get along. The Gospels are being watered down to not offend those who break the laws of God. Churches are looking the other way as sin pervades their congregations. Churches are preaching Prosperity, rather than Salvation. Things began to fall when we as a nation, and as Christians, allowed them to remove Bibles and God from the schools. Over the past five decades, Christian beliefs and practices have been eroded and stripped from the public domain.  Liberty Gospel Ministries will seek a restoration of the full teaching of the Gospels and of Christ's teachings in the New Testament. We will seek to lift up those in our congregation, empower their faith and reveal the gifts of the Spirit that we are anointed with through the Holy Ghost, as we are shown in 1 Corinthians 12. We will instruct them about the real dangers in this world and above it within the spritual realm, and how to armor themselves against it as we are instructed in Ephesians 6:10-20. We will teach the WHOLE TRUTH of God's Word and His Laws, amd we will do so unapologetically and for the Greater Glory of God, Our Father in Heaven.  We will also remind people that we are a free people, and our freedoms and liberties originate from God, and cannot be taken away from us by man, or man's government, unless we allow it. We can only stay in God's favor if we as a nation return to a moral ground and a Christian one, and act in a Christian manner. Our leaders need to remember who we are as a nation, who our founding fathers were and what they believed. Do not allow the TRUTH to be twisted by those who wish to change this nation away from a Godly course and to a secular humanist one. 
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