Hey Driver! Slow the Hell down

'Drive Like Your Kids Live Here' signs popping up all over the country.

Credit: East Hampton Patch
Credit: East Hampton Patch

I rarely swear in front of my daughters.  Maybe I've let  a couple f-bombs slip in a decade of parenting but, given the extent of language pre-kids, I'm remarkably clean.

With one exception.

I turn into a different person – one that bellows profanities – in the face of reckless driving.

Admittedly, I wasn’t nearly as passionate about traffic safety before I became a mom. When I moved to New York City after nearly three decades on the West Coast of the country, I discovered that the pedestrian right-away is not universally acknowledged all over the United States.

With a ‘when in Rome’ mentality, I convinced myself that the best strategy for driving around the city in my Subaru was to be on the offensive.

So wrong (and thankfully short-lived).  And all the more so now that the rise of texting has brought additional idiocy behind many a wheel.

Even small cars are big and deadly when matched with a person, but many drivers forget about this when they are barreling down the road. Kids, often distracted by the nature, are particularly vulnerable. The fifth leading cause of injury-related death for children aged 5-19 is unintended pedestrian injuries.

One savvy company with the unwieldy name Drive Like Your Kids Live Here knows that there are droves of parents like me who are tormented by careless, lead-footed drivers. They seel all kinds of products, from plastic yard signs to magnets, bearing the brand name.

Fine by me.

These signs hit drivers right in the gut. It’s hard not to imagine a little kid running in the street after reading that slogan.

Consider covering up your bumper sticker bragging about your kid on the honor roll with one like this.  It’s a lot less annoying, and could save someone’s life.


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