Photos: Creekview Kicks Off 2012 Season With Iron Man Competition

The high school football season has not officially started, but the annual Iron Man competition showed the Grizzlies are ready for the upcoming season. Defensive end Austin Weaver, the overall winner, was joined by 23 other Grizzlies as Iron Men of 2012.

The football team on Thursday and Friday participated in the annual Iron Man competition to see where players stood physically for the upcoming season.

They were tested in areas of strength, endurance, speed and agility. They competed against each other and the clock to see who was well rounded enough to score 100 points and qualify as Iron Men. Those elite individuals battled for the top spot and the overall Iron Man title, which ultimately went to defensive end Austin Weaver.

Day No. 1 brought the power clean in the weight room, the 40-yard dash on the field and the 5-10-5 shuttle run. It took not only strength, but agility and speed to do well on Thursday.

Day No. 2 was spent mostly in the weight room with the squat and bench press. Explosive leg strength was also tested with the vertical jump.

Patch spoke with defensive coordinator and head strength coach Jeff Nelson at the close of the competition. 

"Overall we are real pleased with where the kids ended up in Iron Man and where we are going from here," he said. "We feel we are going to be stronger and more prepared to play on Friday night than we have in the past." 

Monday, the Grizzlies headed to the University of West Georgia for a football camp sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


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