Woodstock High Students Named To Advisory Council

Three students from the school will serve on the 2012-13 Student Advisory Council, which will advise State Schools Superintendent Dr. John Barge how state policies impact local classrooms.

Three Woodstock High School students will be among 50 who will serve on the 2012-13 Student Advisory Council. 

Rani Tilva, Luke Sellers and Ben Floyd will serve on the council, which will meet twice this school year with State Schools Superintendent Dr. John Barge to discuss how education policies are impacting the classroom.

"The Student Advisory Council allows me to hear directly from students in our schools and discuss major initiatives with them," Superintendent Barge said in a press release on Friday. "The council also gives students the opportunity to share with me their ideas and concerns, which we can use to shape future state policies.”

The Georgia Department of Education had over 750 students from 121 school districts apply to be considered for a slot on the council. Students were chosen based on how well they answered essay questions during the application process. 

The department initially named Rani, a Woodstock junior, to the council, but Woodstock High Principal Bill Sebring said Barge "invited" both Ben and Luke to the council after his interactions with them during a visit to Woodstock High School last Tuesday. 

"(It's) quite an honor for all three students and Woodstock High School," he added. 

Both Ben and Luke are seniors at Woodstock High. Luke is currently the senior class president.

Rani, Luke and Ben will be recognized by the Cherokee County Board of Education during its meeting on Nov. 1 for their appointments, said school district spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby.

Along with Woodstock High, Barge also stopped by Woodstock Middle and Clark Creek Elementary Schools last Tuesday during a visit to the Cherokee County School District last week.


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