Some Creekland Middle Students Victims of Cyberbullying

While most of the students recently surveyed said they don't know of anyone who has been victimized, school officials say even the smallest number is too much.

Creekland Middle School recently hosted a Cherokee Sheriff’s Office program for its students on cyberbullying and its consequences.

Principal Dr. Deborah Wiseman and the school’s media specialist, Anne West, who teaches information literacy skills to the students, said they recognized the need for the program when the results of a student technology survey were compiled.

The majority of Creekland MS students said they didn’t know anyone who had been bullied through the use of technology nor had they been bullied, according to the survey results.

“No matter how small the percentage of students that state that they have been bullied or know someone who has is, it’s always unacceptable,” Ms. West said.

Lt. Jamie Gianfala presented the program, which students responded well to, according to Ms. West.

“They were able to make connections to stories of real-life situations that he shared with what happens in their daily lives,” she said, adding that students will continue learning about cyberbullying through Internet safety lessons offered in the media center.

Gianfala said the Sheriff’s Office is committed to making sure children are safe from bullying not only at their schools, but also at home.

“Any type of bullying whether physical, sexual or cyber will not be tolerated.  We are committed to educating our children about the effects of bullying.  Parents are encouraged to know what’s going in their children’s daily activities, monitor the Internet and sit down and talk with their kids about bullying,” he said.

Gianfala added that resources are available to help parents and guardians address bullying with their children, and anyone who wants more information can contact him at jsgianfala@cherokeega.com.


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