Senior Project Benefits UNICEF

Through a silent auction, one senior raised enough money to supply one child with clean drinking water for almost a year.

Lauren Sellers, a senior at got locals involved with a world-wide effort to supply clean drinking water to under priviledged countries though her senior project.

“I raised advocacy and funds for the world water crisis while working with the UNICEF Tap Project,” Sellers said.  “Being a water lover, I wanted to help the children without access to it.  I knew about the Tap Project because I was familiar with UNICEF.”

Sellers was able to contribute to the Tap Project by hosting a tea party and silent auction at Tea Leaves and Thyme in Woodstock on March 19. 

“I chose to do my project at Tea Leaves and Thyme because it is the perfect venue for a tea party,” Sellers said. “The owner was very nice and accommodating, too.”

Guests who attended Sellers’s project received tea, various assortments of finger foods, the chance to bid on merchandise donated from businesses in downtown Woodstock, and most importantly helped in the funding of a child having access to clean water for the equivalence of 320 days in a third world country.  The night was not only a fun time for attendees, but also a time for giving back to those less fortunate.

Sellers had a great turnout for her project and raised $515. 

Her hard work and 60 hours of labor proved to be very effective despite some difficulties Sellers experienced while trying to get people to come to her project. 

“Selling tickets was difficult since they were a bit pricy at $20,” Sellers said.  “I learned that it is difficult to get people to give to a cause if they don’t know what it is about, so you must educate them beforehand.”

Overall, Sellers said she truly enjoyed her senior project and said, “It was a lot of fun and very informative.” 

Her efforts were not only appreciated by those who came to her project, but even more so by the people who will be aided by her monetary contributions to the Tap Project throughout the year.


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