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New Furlough Date: Dec. 21

The Cherokee County School District initially selected Oct. 26 as one of eight furlough days. It is now a school day.

Adjust your calendars,  parents, students and staff.

Oct. 26, previously one of , is now a school day. And Dec. 21 is now a furlough day.

"The October date initially was selected for one of the eight required furlough days, as no other school holidays already were scheduled for that month," Cherokee Superintendent Frank Petruzielo said in a letter to parents. "However, parents/guardians, staff and School Board Members have since communicated that the December date would be preferable due to the Christmas holiday’s proximity to the start of Winter Break."

Winter break begins Dec. 24.

"If parents/guardians already have scheduled medical appointments for students for the October date, such absences will be excused in accordance with existing policy," Petruzielo said.

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KELLI August 18, 2012 at 03:15 PM
On the critical side: I don't understand why the people who 'decide' these furlough days couldn't figure out - on their own - that adding a furlough day to the Winter Holiday schedule - would have been much more preferrable to 'everyone' - than a day in October !!! It took people to compain in order to make the 'right decision' for the students and parents... These are the thoughtless mistakes that make parents wonder "what dummies are running the place" !!! And with such dummies running the place how can we expect a good education for our children....?


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