Macedonia Fifth-Graders Celebrate Victory

They won the schoolwide penny war and celebrated with an ice cream party.

The fifth-grade classes at celebrated being the winners of the schoolwide fundraiser that took place over the course of three weeks. The kids added pennies to their own jars to raise their own numbers and silver coins to other class jars to lower their numbers.

At the end of it all, the fifth-grade class had the most pennies or fewest silver coins in the container. They were rewarded with an ice cream party.

The whole school wins, however. This fundraiser helps everyone. None of the kids had to sell anything, and 100 percent of the money raised stays at the school.

Next up, the parents at the school get to contribute. They are being asked to write a check to the school to act as a major fundraiser. If it is as successful as hoped, none of the parents or the kids will have to sell anything this year, and all of the money earned will stay at the school, as with the penny war money, instead of a percentage being paid out to a fundraising company. 

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