Last Chance: Kindergarten Enrollment Documentation

Don't forget to get everything together before heading to school enrollment this Thursday and Friday.

It's like going to the DMV.

You forget one little thing and your whole day gets derailed. Hopefully, though, kindergarten registration will prove slightly more enjoyable than a day at the DMV.

Before you go Thursday and Friday, be sure to run through this quick checklist to make sure you have all the documentation needed to get your child enrolled.

According to the CCSD website, parents need to bring the following documentation:

Proof of date of birth: This could be a certified copy of a birth certificate, hospital-issued birth certificate or birth record, passport, adoption record, or a religious record signed by an authorized religious official.

Proof of parent/guardianship: A photo ID that matches the name on the proof of date of birth.

Proof of immunization: DHR form 3231 from your physician or the

Proof of social security number: official copy of the child's social security card.

Proof of residency: Parents who own their residency need to bring one item, either a current residential property tax statement or a purchase/closing statement with the parent/guardian name. Parents who rent or lease must bring a rental or lease agreement that is valid and a district-designated affidavit signed by the property owner that will allow for verification of residency. Parents/guardians who live in a home owned by someone else must bring a district-designated affidavit signed by the parent and a district-designated affadavit signed by the property owner.

Stay tuned to Holly Springs-Hickory Flat Patch for more warnings on upcoming deadlines. If you know of one you'd like to see coming up, let us know by emailing or commenting on this story.

The PDF in full and translated in Spanish is attached to this story.

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