Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy recognizes Science Fair Winners

All of the school's sixth graders participated in the event, with the winners heading to the Regional Science Fair in February 2013.

Holly Springs Elementary School STEM Academy recently recognized its Science Fair Winners.  All sixth graders at the school participated in the event, and the winners were announced on Dec. 4.  The first-place winners will represent the school at the Regional Science Fair at Forsyth High School on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013. 

The winners are:

Human/Behavioral/Health Sciences

  • First place: Sam Bishop and Spencer Weis, "Music for the Mind"
  • Second place: Makayla Miller, "How Does Dance Affect and Change Your Heart Rate?"
  • Honorable Mention: Mathew Meyer, "Which of Five Sodas Rot Your Teeth?"

Engineering & Sports Sciences

  • First place: Erin Peters, "Golf Ball Flight Tests"
  • Second place: Emily Seres, "The Perfect Plane"

Life Science

  • First place: Kasey Karch and Brendan Jones, "Where do Pansies Grow Best - Inside or Outside?"
  • Second place: Liam Devlin, "Do Plants Grow Better Inside or Outside?"
  • Honorable Mention: Madison Carroll and Gabi Turem, "Shasta Daisy Growth"

Physical Science

  • First place: Mason Adams, "Will it Light?"
  • Second place: Chase Keasler and Dietrich Winant, "Coke & Mentos"
  • Honorable Mention: Amanda Minardi, "The World of Dry Ice"

Earth Science

  • First place: Presley Coley, "Trash - The Second Time Around"
  • Second place: Tiffany Warren, "Tornadoes"


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