Holly Spring STEM Student Earns 'First Down for Fitness'

Garrett Holubetz will be a guest at the Falcons' Dec. 15 game.

Garrett Holubetz pictured at the Susan G. Komen Walk for Breast Cancer. Submitted photo
Garrett Holubetz pictured at the Susan G. Komen Walk for Breast Cancer. Submitted photo
A Holly Springs Elementary fourth-grader has been selected for the 2013 First Down for Fitness MVP Award from the Atlanta Falcons.

Garrett Holubetz is one of 11 winners chosen out of 62,000 nominations, and he will be a guest at the Atlanta vs. Washington game on Dec. 15.

The MVPs were nominated by their teachers for their dedication and commitment to leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Below is the essay written by Garrett's PE teacher, Amanda Anderson:

Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy’s First Down for Fitness MVP

Garrett Holubetz is an extraordinary 4th grader at Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy!  The reason he is extraordinary is not that he loves and plays sports and it’s not that he is an active participant in our FIT Club!  Garrett has a great personality and a BIG heart! 

This year the FIT Club put on its first annual STEM-ulate your health fun run and 5k.  Garrett and his mom came to me one day after FIT Club and he seemed upset.  When I ask him if everything was okay, he told me that he would be unable to be at the fun run.  I waited for his reasoning but I was not anticipating the reply I got. 

He told me that for the last three years he has participated in a private cheer station during the 3 Day Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk and he couldn’t make the Fun Run because it was on the same day.  He was upset because he couldn’t do both but he informed me that he loves getting decked out in PINK and talking to the walkers. He also said that this year he was getting to go with his mom to help serve and clean up the dinner for the walkers.

As I tried to hide the approaching tears, I remembered that my aunt was walking this year and I tried to make him forget that he would be missing the Fun Run and jokingly said, “Hey, my Aunt Annette is walking this year for the first time.  Let me know if you see her.  She has red hair so you can’t miss her!”

The Fun Run came and I really didn’t think too much about the walk until I got a call and an email that made the tears flood!  Garrett’s mom had emailed me a picture of Garrett and my aunt.  He had waited all day and asked every single red headed lady he met what her name was.  Almost giving up hope, the last two walkers were approaching and one of them happened to be red-headed.  Garrett ran to her side asking her name and she said, “My name is Annette!”  Garrett walked with her the next ½ a block and told her who he was and that he knew “Coach Anderson!” 

Right after I got the email, I received a telephone call from my Aunt informing me that one of my students had been the difference in her stopping the walk and pushing onward that last ½ a block!  She told me how he had ran up to her and ask her name and as soon as she told him his face lite up!  His excitement and big heart had made her strong enough to finish!

I chose Garrett as our First Down for Fitness MVP nominee not because he is good at sports, is a member of FIT Club, or even because he motivated my Aunt to finish the walk!  I chose Garrett because his daily actions, big heart, and extraordinary character is the true definition of what an Most Valuable P(erson) is!


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