Chapman: Public Has Been 'Duped'

House Bill 978, the controversial redistricting bill, was sent to Gov. Nathan Deal late Thursday.

On the last day of the legislative session, a controversial redistricting bill that would change the way voters elect the school board was sent to Gov. Nathan Deal. Earlier this week, Cherokee County Board of Education Chairman Mike  the measure, known as House Bill 978.

Today, he issued this statement in which he renewed his call for a veto.

The Cherokee County Legislative Delegation, through its abandonment of House Bill 1223 and slipping of House Bill 978 onto the Governor’s desk on the last day of the session, has duped the public and ignored their wishes.

It’s my hope the Governor follows the request I sent to him, as School Board Chairman and on behalf of the School Board, asking that he veto HB 978.

There’s no reason why the Governor could not veto HB 978 and leave the posts and the governance model as is. A 2002 court case over the same issue in Cobb County determined there’s no legal requirement for the Legislature to reapportion when elections are at-large, as they currently are for our School Board. The Delegation’s efforts to redraw the lines to put two incumbents into the same post and to limit how many School Board members voters get to elect are not only obviously political payback, they’re also unnecessary.

This is not a good bill for the public, and they should hold our legislators responsible. When more people -- not just parents, but everyone in the community -- realizes what has happened, I think the reaction will be strong and unmistakable.

My greatest concern with this entire situation is protecting the future of our system and the families that rely on it. Our schools are clearly under attack, and I must say any good conservative would never condone this type of activity. There are many ways to improve the return on investment in public education.  Clearly, none of our legislators have a business background. We should all be addressing the root cause of the problems in public education… not destroy it and leave Cherokee County’s 38,000-plus kids’ future at risk – it’s unconscionable.


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Phil McCall March 30, 2012 at 07:09 PM
There has indeed been a serious attempt to dupe the public by Mr. Chapman. Good Constitutionalists support representative democracy, conservatives may support the myths perpetuated on the populace by Mr. Chapman as he decries the concept of 'one man, one vote'. There are 29 existing school systems in Georgia that elect by post and are accredited by AdvancEd [and acknowledged by Mr. Elgart]. Our schools are NOT at risk of loss of accreditation because we will elect our Board by post by the people within the post. Contrary to Mr. Chapman's opinion - electing using representative democracy is good for the public. Currently 3 of the 7 board members live within 3 miles of the Rose Creek Library in a County that has 420 square miles. How is the concentration of 3/7th of the BOE good for ALL the people in the County?
Dick March 31, 2012 at 11:43 AM
What's new a bunch of clowns screwing over the tax payer ....... It is after all the American way.
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