Video: Is the District Top Heavy?

That was the question posed to Cherokee County Board of Education Vice Chairwoman Janet Read. Watch what she had to say.

During Monday night's debate at the Cherokee County Republican Party headquarters in Towne Lake, Cherokee County Board of Education Vice Chairwoman  was asked if the  was too top heavy.

Watch what she had to say.

Look for more video coverage from Canton-Sixes Patch later.

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Down to Details July 31, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Per student CCA spends less to provide an education--regardless of departmental allocation, which is the number that truly matters, and their test scores beat CCSD. The budget for CCA comes directly from state, and not out of any county "allotment," so the argument that the charter school "costs" other public school students valuable dollars is rather weak. Why exactly is this option so evil to the school board? Let them be and focus on helping the students you do serve.
Jim Beam July 31, 2012 at 02:07 PM
As usual, you're incorrect. CCA's budget has been online for almost a month now and their per-child spending is half that of the bloated CCSD. Not a dime of CCSD money is used for CCA. Your hatred is based on pure ignorance. Vote for Dukes, Marlow, & Cochran - STOP THE WASTEFUL SPENDING and GIVE PARENTS CONTROL.


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