Aquatics Center Moving Forward

The commissioners have approved a design plan for the new Aquatic Center.

The  got a look at design plans for the county's new aquatic center Tuesday afternoon at a work session.

The commissioners approved a business plan and are considering a construction plan.

The approximately $15 million project, located at Gresham Mill Parkway at Sixes Road in Holly Springs, was approved and funded as a part of Cherokee County’s Parks, Recreation and Green Space Bond that passed in November 2008. 

Plans include indoor and outdoor facilities. Outside is a combination pool, lazy river and water slides. Inside includes a 50-meter competitive pool with spectator platforms, plus a therapy pool for water aerobics etc.

There are also party rooms for birthdays and locker and showering facilities for residents. 

Proposed fees to use the new aquatic facility are $5.50 a day and $115 for a three-month pass.

Groundbreaking is set for November with a completion date and grand opening in April 2013.

5:59 p.m. No sign of the commissioners yet.

6:01 p.m. Everybody is trickling in—the commissioners and county staff.

6:02 ticky tocky

6:05 And we're off with the pledge and a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11. On the screen is the casket of a Navy Seal from Ohio whose dog wouldn't leave his side.

6:07 Long time county clerk Sheila Corbin has retired. A designee has been assigned to take her place.

6:10 Chairman Buzz Ahrens reads a proclamation naming the week of Sept. 11-18 Firefighter Appreciation Week.

6:11 Announcements:

The Georgia Department of Transportation announces that Water Tank Road will be closed to through traffic at the western intersection with SR 20 from September 5 to October 20, 2011, for intersection reconstruction and realignment associated with the SR 20 improvement project.

The Cherokee County Roads and Bridges Department announces that Ellenwood Drive will be closed between Valley Wood Court down to the cul-de-sac from Monday, August 29 until repairs are complete.

The Cherokee County Public Safety invites the public to the “Patriot Day Remembrance” to join leaders from Cherokee County Sheriff’s office, County Commissioners, County Fire and Emergency Services in remembrance of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.The ceremony will take place on Monday, September 12 beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the Public Safety Memorial in downtown Canton. 

Electronics Recycling Day is coming. On Saturday, October 29, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Cherokee County Administration Building located at 1130 Bluffs Parkway.

There will be a Public Meeting for information pertaining to HB277- Transportation Investment Act of 2010 on Monday, September 19 beginning at 6 p.m. with the Cherokee representatives of the ARC Roundtable in Cherokee Hall.

6:16 Public comment.

Joe Robert, Woodstock resident. Bought building in 2006 on Industrial Drive. The next year his taxes went up. Then they went down the next year. He paid what he thought he owed. He's had back taxes, penalties and fines. He's upset that he's had health problems and needs more time to pay his taxes.

Ahrens tells him the board has no jurisdiction over the tax collectors office. Ahrens also tells him that if comes to the tax commissioners office and acts the way he has in the past that a public officer will be called.

6:33 Public hearing time.

A public hearing is opened regarding the issuance of a permit for the proposed Cherokee C&D Landfill Expansion located at 6285 Ball Ground Highway. No action is taken.

6:36 A public hearing is opened to consider the abandonment of a portion of Old Avery Circle in Land Lots 306 and 307 of the 14th District, 2nd Section on because the road is abandoned and has ceased to be used by the public.

Board approves.

6:39 A public hearing is opened to consider changes to the Building Permit Fee Schedule. The county is still using 1994 values for residential and 2002 for commercial properties. The county is not gaining enough monies to give to the building inspectators.

Copies of the proposed revisions are on file for review in the Planning and Land Use Department.

Public hearing is closed. Much discussion about the way the planning department came up with the new amounts.

Board approves.

6:56 A public hearing is opened to consider a resolution transmitting the 2011 annual update of the Capital Improvement Element (CIE) and Short Term Work Plan (STWP) to the Atlanta Regional Commission for regional review pursuant to the Georgia Planning Act of 1989.

Board approves.

6:58 Ahrens appoints Julie Cullens to the Board of Ethics.

7:08 Board approves a memorandum of agreement with the City of Canton to sponsor the Commerce Parkway project.

7:11 Consent agenda passes

7:12 Board approves reimbursement of $160,000 plus closing costs to the City of Woodstock for the purchase of property along the proposed Woodstock Trails, Downtown Spur.

7:13 Board approves granting a 20-foot easement and perpetual right of way to Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority for and over the water lines running within the Soccer Complex at Blalock Road.

7:16 The board approves the Aquatic Center business plan as was presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and approved and recommended to the Board of Commissioners on August 8, 2011.

After two years of operation, the aquatic center will hopefully support itself.

7:19 The board is asked to release the Aquatic Center design and engineering documents for competitive bidding to the shortlisted and prequalified general and pool and mechanical contractors. 

The county manager asks that the action be postponed to the next meeting to get more information and digest it. Board postpones vote for two weeks.

7:28 The board approves awarding a construction contract with CW Mathews for the two entrances into East Park off of Hwy 20 and Jack Page Lane in amount not to exceed $325,000.

7:31 The board approves having an Oct. 4 public hearing on repealing and replacing the current “Amusement Activities” ordinance under the Code of Ordinances. 

7:32 The board approves an increase in the Roads and Bridges Budget for FEMA funds received in the amount of $6.9 million.

7:33 The board approves the awarding of liability insurance services to One Beacon, through Insurance Offices of America (IOA), as the County’s independent insurance agent for a total annual premium of $638,345.

7:35 The board approves the easement (Smithwick Creek Property) to Atlanta Gas Light contingent upon County Attorney review and approval of easement documents.

7:36 The board approves the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Grant in the amount of $87,397 with a $21,850 match, for a total of $109,247.

7:37 The board approves a Professional Services Agreement with Atlanta Heritage Tour Company for Parks and Recreation’s Silver Roamers Senior Trip.

7:38 The board approves the Cherokee Soccer Association using additional fields. Karen Bosch voted against it saying she thought the process had not been followed correctly.

7:44 The board sets a public hearing on Oct. 4. regarding the county's dealings with pain clinics.

We're adjourned.







an80sreaganite September 07, 2011 at 12:24 PM
I guess driving down to Whitewater is too much to ask for the residents of Cherokee County? Why do municipalities get into businesses like this when there are private companies who would do it if there were a profit? At $5.50/day & $115 for 3 months, how many people have to use this place to pay back $15 million? And $15 million is the estimated cost - if history is any indicator actual price will be closer to $25 million, by the time it's doors are opened.... BIG GOBBER-MENT strikes again!


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