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Letter: David Waters Defends Record

The man hoping to become Cherokee County's next sheriff said he was not behind the release of photos that show Sheriff Roger Garrison in a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe.

1. First and foremost, I had nothing to do with the release of the photos nor did anyone in my campaign. Mr. Garrison’s allegations in this regard are completely false. Roger is correct however when he admits that it was a big mistake for him to wear the . I totally agree with Roger on that point: It was a big mistake. There is no one in this County that wants to see their Sheriff dressed as a Klansman. That behavior is out-of-bounds no matter where; no matter when; no matter who. But it is particularly out-of-bounds for a law enforcement officer to dress-up as a Klansman. Roger was a police officer at the time. A police officer dressed as a Klansman is a fatal mistake to many citizens, especially when that officer is running for Sheriff.

2. Roger is also incorrect about his allegations about demotions. I have taken one demotion in my 30+ years in law enforcement which was a voluntary step-back when a new sheriff was elected to my administration. I voluntarily stepped down when I was asked to allow this new sheriff to bring in his own command staff. This is common in every administration change as I have been through eight administration changes during my career. 

3. Roger is also incorrect in his allegations of my current duties and positions with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. I am currently a commander with multiple umbrellas of duty. My record and experience is extensive as are my current duties.  

4. Roger was also wrong to inject my family into this campaign. This campaign must remain a campaign about the issues that face the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and I will keep my campaign focused on those issues. Regrettably, because of Roger’s admitted mistake of dressing as a Klansman, that incident has understandably become a genuine issue in this campaign. Roger must address this issue himself before the voters as he is the one that did it. He dressed as a Klansman. Additionally, Mr. Garrison should address that matter without making false allegations against me.

I hope to become your sheriff and humbly ask you for your vote on July 31 to begin a positive change within your sheriff’s department.

David Waters, candidate for sheriff

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Rico July 04, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Common sense you and the Garrison supporters are fortunate to have this forum. You can name call and slander here and we can't respond with any of the facts about Roger. So all I can say from this point forward is I know both gentlemen very well and worked with them in the past. I have made my decision on whom to support based on much thought and considderation. I hope you can respect that.
JustTheFaxMaam July 04, 2012 at 06:12 PM
If you are going to be at a private party then you could dress up like Hitler and it would be okay. Also did not realize the movie Blazing Saddles in any way compared to a news cast mockery. Just saying..............
Common Sense July 04, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Concerned For Cherokee, if you can’t see anything in my post have someone read it to you. I’m not trying to belittle anyone but with you’re past posts all you have done is belittle. If you have someone read the blogs to you and explain them to you just might see what I’m talking about (but I doubt it). Lets talk issues, over the past several months I have read in our local newspaper several articles concerning “the issues”. In the Lakeside Ledger several months ago it was stated by David that the cost per person for law enforcement protection in Forsyth County was less than Cherokee County. The newspaper went on a facts check and found this not to be true. He used the excuse that he was given bad information. A man running for Sheriff should admit when he is wrong not pass the buck. Cherokee County’s costs per person were less based on facts. Also I believe the budget was addressed by Sheriff Garrison and it read that he always operated within budget. Education issue has been talked about and I believe Sheriff Garrisons has a collage degree and all of his command staff has collage degrees. Does David have a collage degree? I don’t believe I heard him say.
Common Sense July 04, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Sheriff Garrison said in one article I read that crime in Cherokee is up, but explained it to be because of tremendous growth in the county. I am an educated voter and try to find out facts about issues and I do believe a persons past is important. But I also believe that a person can redeem themselves by their actions. I am a life long resident of this county and have watch our sheriff department go through many changes. The last 20 years we have had a safe community and very proactive Sheriff Department. I have done some reading about David and spoke with some people who know him better than I do. He is ok person and from what I hear an ok deputy, but certainly dose not have the qualifications to be our sheriff. Now I have tried to answer your questions as to what I know to revenant without getting into the gutter. And if you want to dress up like Bin Laden for Halloween an insult the friends and relatives of brave people who died on that tragic day, it a free county you can be as stupid as you want to be as long as you don’t break any laws.
Bluebird July 04, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Wow what a horrible comeback. I can't believe what I just read. Keep your Concern for Cherokee to yourself!


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