911 Calls Released from Courthouse Bomb Threats

A man called from an Atlanta pay phone around 11 a.m. Tuesday threatening to bomb the Cherokee County courthouse. Another call was made to Cobb County dispatch. Nothing was found.

The released 911 calls received Tuesday by Atlanta 911 and Cobb County 911 related According to a press release, investigators believe different individuals made the calls.

There is also video of a gas station parking lot at 1501 Roswell Road in Cobb County where a second bomb threat was called in from a payphone.

Investigators believe the suspect that made the call from Cobb County is possibly driving the silver Cadillac Deville seen in the video.

Anyone with any information about the calls or the Cadillac is urged to contact Cherokee Sheriff’s Office detectives at 770-928-0239.

Ken Swampson June 06, 2012 at 09:30 PM
"I know this because I happened to be eating there myself"....your first post to this situation mentioned that you were one of the people stranded outside of your business. Which is it? After reading your remarks to multiple news press on here-you clearly work for the courthouse. Doesn't take much to realize that.
Sharri Twyman June 06, 2012 at 11:07 PM
My name is Sharri Twyman, I am a Senior Deputy Clerk for Cherokee County Superior Court, and have been for 10 years. Let me start out by saying we are one of the most prepared offices, we practice for emergencies like this. One of the first things we tell staff is to grab their purse. Even the ladies in court, had a fellow employee grab their purses for them. We also have an emergency backpack kit that we take. The kit includes: a first aid kit, glucose tablets, office supplies, umbrellas, ponchos, sunscreen and other necessary items. Once we reached the emergency haven, all staff was accounted for. We have several severely diabetic ladies who needed food. Ms. Baker offered to buy everyone pizza, or let them leave to go to a restuarant on the square. Everyone chose to get food on their own. Ms. Baker DID NOT have lunch at Going Costal, she had lunch while attending a briefing on the threat. I was one of the last supervisors to go get lunch, as we went on a rotating schedule. I went to Wendy's and brought my food back to eat at the rally point. While I was gone, our Chief Deputy Jeanie Potter and State Court supervisor Darria White remained on site. At all times, we were in contact with staff. Anyone that was sitting outside, did so by choice. I know because i was one of the people outside. It was not hot outside at all and it was overcast. I prefer being outside! I can assure you that Patty Baker takes very good care of her staff, she even brought us bottled water.
Sharri Twyman June 06, 2012 at 11:18 PM
It is really sad that you would make up such a terrible story!!! Patty Baker works tirelessly for her staff and the citizens of Cherokee County. At all times her staff is prepared to open a satellite office and conduct business as usual. At no time yesterday was her staff deserted while she laughed it up with supervisors at Going Coastal. I know for a FACT that I wasnt there, the Chief Deputy wasn't there, the State Court supervisor wasn't there, the Deeds and Records supervisor wasn't there, the Magistrate Court supervisor wasn't there, the Juvenile court supervisor wasnt there and more importantly Patty Baker wasn't there. So I am curious, just who you think Patty Baker is and who you think the supervisors are. Sharri
john price June 06, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Patty Baker is one of the most hardworking and professional people I know. I have always known her to be a top notch leader as I have dealt with her offices many times. She has gone above and beyond to provide imperial leadership for her staff and this is evident to anyone that has ever visited the Cherokee County Justice Center. It is disturbing that someone would make up such a terrible lie about one of the finest leaders in Cherokee County Government.
People are Crazy June 07, 2012 at 01:26 AM
You sound like a teacher. "Left unsupervised" haha these are adult professionals not students at a school!


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