Warning: Questionable Solicitors Cash Checks, Fail to Perform Work

In the last week, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has received at least three reports.

If three heavyset white men in a green Chevy pickup truck offer to perform yard work, don't fork over any money until the job is complete.

In the last week, the  has received at least three reports about "individuals driving a green Chevy pick-up truck who are soliciting residents to perform various types of yard work to include laying down pine straw and clearing debris," Lt. Jay Baker said today.

In each case, the men were offered partial or full payment before the work was completed.

"After completing only part of the job," Baker said, "victims reported the individuals left and immediately cashed the checks that were given to them."

Because some work was performed, the cases are civil matters.

"However, the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office would like to remind residents to NEVER pay someone for work until the job has been completed and they are satisfied with the end result," Baker said. "Additionally, if a resident ever feels intimated by a solicitor they should immediately call 911."


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