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Body Found in Fiery Car Crash

Sheriff Signs Vandalized With Bow and Arrows

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the people responsible for the vandalism.

Arrows shot through a sign in protest sounds like something out of the Wild West, but it’s not. It’s reality for the candidate running against Roger Garrison this year.

David Waters said his signs have been vandalized since December 2010,

“We have had our signs ripped down, we have had them cut, we have had holes punched through them, and including arrows shot from a bow where they still remain,” Waters said. 

The confirmed that the signs on Highway 140 had been vandalized with a bow and arrow.

"It is very disheartening that exercising my Constitutional Right and Freedom of Speech and experience this type of criminal activity from persons,” Waters said. “This is the main reason I am running for Sheriff of Cherokee County is to reduce the crime rate that we see today. If someone has a problem with my candidacy for Sheriff, then that person should have the fortitude to contact me and display their concerns.”

On May 13, the David Waters sign was stolen from the Canton CVS parking lot, according to Waters’ Facebook page. This theft was less than 24 hours after Waters was endorsed by the

Waters asks that the public help him patrol locations where signs are and forward any information that will help stop the vandalism and theft of signs.


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