Locally Produced Gel Linked to 2 Infant Deaths, Recalled

A food-thickening gel produced in Stone Mountain has been recalled two infants died after consuming it in their milk.

A food-thickening gel produced in Stone Mountain has been recalled pending an investigation that the gel caused fatal intestinal disease in two infants, according to this FDA press release. 

Tests are inconclusive as of now as to whether or not Simply Thick gel causes necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in premature babies as early evidence suggests, according to the release.

The gel is put in breast milk for premature babies. According to Fox News, two infants have died from complications of NEC caused by Simply Thick and 15 other cases are being investigated.

Only the substances produced in Stone Mountain have been recalled.

"SimplyThick's recall of this product is a result of the company's failure to ensure that harmful bacteria of possible public health significance were destroyed in the manufacturing process at that manufacturing plant," according to the FDA release.

According to the Simply Thick website, all 15-gram, 30-gram, 120-gram and 240-gram pouches are affected. Check here for more information on how to determine which products were recalled.

Check back with Holly Springs-Hickory Flat Patch for updates on this story.


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