Thankful for my Co-Editor

Three years ago I bought my best friend for $100.

Daisy is special.

She’s narcoleptic. She has brain damage as diagnosed by a vet. She’s allergic to cats. She’s terrified of everything. Still, Daisy is a godsend.

Three years ago, I was lonely in college and made a slightly impulsive decision to get a dog. Everyone, including my then-roommates, thought I would come back with a fluffy little dog. I thought I would get a fluffy little dog. Then I fell in love. I still remember the big eyes looking at me through the back door that day. I wanted a rescue and completely fell for this photo online at a woman’s home who rescues dogs that nobody else wants.

So, I got Daisy, a boxer-bulldog mix.

Daisy had been abused before I got her. She had been thrown down stairs, hit, fought and starved. To this day, I don’t know how a person could do that to such a sweet creature. I think there is a special place in hell for people who are mean to animals.

She doesn’t bark. She doesn’t beg. She doesn’t chew on anything.

She’s the worst guard dog ever. Once, someone came in my got in my bedroom and she never woke up. She snores louder than any human. She drools. I wasn’t going to be one of those people who dressed their dogs up, but after one winter of watching this big dog shiver, I changed. She goes under my bed to get her coats out every fall. You probably don’t believe that—you won’t believe most of this—but I have roommates and visitors who can verify these facts. Everyday I edit this site from home, usually from my floor and Daisy stays right next to me. I’d love to believe it was because she loved me, but the heating pad I usually have on my feet is probably the real reason.

I’ve dated several guys whom I’m convinced only came to see me sometimes so they could play with Daisy.

So, after a year of being here, I’m so thankful for this little monster. After a long day, I’m so happy to see her and she’s usually happy to see me once I wake her up. 


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