Falling Off the Treadmill

My first running setback bruised my knees and my pride.

I fell off the wagon with my

Actually, I fell off the treadmill.

Saturday morning was the “endurance test” portion of my half-marathon training plan, so I set out to run the four miles. I had on my most comfortable workout clothes, tennis shoes double knotted and more than enough Crystal Light.

About a mile in, I had to go to the bathroom. I paused the treadmill and stepped off. When I came back, I bounced back on the treadmill and then it happened.

The thing was still on. I know I turned it off. I know I did. I can’t get off the treadmill without turning it off.

But here’s the thing—when you fall, your natural reaction is to jump back up. When you jump back up and the only thing to step on is a moving treadmill, you fall again. When you fall again and step up on a moving treadmill for the third time, you fall again.

Hear me out, though. It wasn’t all my fault. There’s maybe 11 inches between the back of the treadmill and the next machine, so my only option was to step back up on the treadmill—and then fall again.

It was like being on America’s Funniest Home Videos, only it hurts.

On Monday I took my beat-up pride and skinned-up knees back to the gym to conquer the slowest four-mile run ever. During each stride I thought about landing evenly on the moving ground. I held on to the little monitor that only the really old people use.

I’d like to think this is my first running hurdle to overcome. So, runners, I ask you: What was your obstacle to overcome in exercise? 


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