(Not So) Cheap Fall Decor

This week we tested some holiday decorations featured on the cover of All You magazine.

Magazines taunt me with the cute and “easy” crafts we can use to make our cozier every holiday season. But, does anyone actually do those? I did. The verdict: It cost me a lot. It cost me a lot more than I expected. Here’s the projects and the breakdown.

These projects were found in this month’s All You Magazine, on stands now.

Ghost Lights

Difficulty level: Very easy

Cost: $5

Materials according to the magazine:

  • Glue
  • 24 small googly eyes
  • 12 mini paper cups
  • Awl
  • String of white holiday lights


What you really need:

  • White cups--$1 at the
  • Glue—Elmers, glue gun, something you probably have
  • Googly eyes--$1 at the Canton Dollar Tree
  • Lights: $4 at

What you do:

Glue the eyes on. Poke holes in the tops. Stick the cups on the lights.

OK, so this one really is that easy. I promised not to clutter these columns with cutesy language or unnecessary adjectives. I didn’t know what an awl was, so I didn’t use one. The purpose here is to eliminate unneeded costs and time.


Pumpkin People

Difficulty level: easy

Cost: About $30

What they say you need for “one pumpkin family”

  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • 6 pumpkins
  • Assortment of ribbons, buttons and yarn
  • 2 twist ties
  • small belt buckle (try finding that in Cherokee County.)
  • 1 small bunch of natural raffia
  • 2 pieces of green felt
  • lightweight cardboard
  • stapler
  • chalk
  • button-front shirt with collar
  • pins

What you really need:

  • Pumpkins—I used Styrofoam ones that cost more. I spent about $10 buying foam pumpkins at Walmart and the Dollar Tree
  • Sharpie
  • Glue gun
  • White paint--$1.70 at Michael’s in Canton
  • Ribbon—Another $10 because most of the fall ribbon is sold by the spool.
  • Buttons—I used rhinestones because I couldn’t find buttons I liked, $1 at Michael’s

What you do:

I think this would be a good craft for the kids to help with. You can ultimately decorate them the way you want to, something you’d probably do anyways. I didn’t find a button-front shirt to use, so I didn’t make the man pumpkin.

This turned out to be a little more expensive. I spent about $25 just to make two pumpkin people. If you decide to try this one out, use real pumpkins to save money. 


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