Halloween Wine Glasses

Cute, yes. Dishwasher safe, no.

I dream of the day I am old enough to be one of those little old women who gets ridiculously into holidays through their clothes and decorations.

A few weeks ago, a friend told me that you don’t reach the age where that’s acceptable. You reach the age where you just don’t care.

Until then, I’ll have to settle for classy décor in small doses, like these wine glasses.

I got the idea from a flyer in then saved until they cost about $3 a piece.

Quick question for you to vote on: When you see a project, do you actually read the instructions or do you just copy the picture?


  • I didn’t use glass paint, I used the 52 cent paint at Michaels. They aren’t dishwasher safe.
  • Use masking tape to tape the diamond off first.
  • I freehanded the letters. I actually bought the stencil, but I couldn’t get the paint to stay where I wanted it. The curved glass and the flat stencil didn’t work well together. Dot letters are always a win.
  • I did a second batch using plastic wine glasses. They were four for $3.99 so it didn’t lower the cost.
  • Instead of using black and green paint, I bought a cheap set of paint pens. This also helps if you’re going to do freehand letters. Note, however, that Sharpies don’t work well on glass. I know, I tried.

Total cost: $10 for three glasses. Cost after that just goes up $1 per glass.

  • Glasses $1 at the
  • Yellow and orange paint, 52 cents each
  • Masking tape $1
  • Black, white, green, gold and silver paint pen set $5


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