DIY: Tension Rod Spray-Bottle Storage

This quick project can help clean your cleaners.

For the first time inhistory, a project might be as easy and simple as it looks.

I saw this idea on Stumbleupon.com. If you stumble, be sure to follow me at @jessiegable.

One of the consistently messy areas of my home is ironically where I keep my cleaning supplies. I bought a plastic tension rod for $8 at Target and put it under my sink.

Spray bottles—with the exception of some Febreeze cans—hang on the rod, keeping them up and away from other items.

The only foreseeable problem is how much you can hang on a tension rod. At three hours, my few bottles are holding steady. Anyone who has ever accidentally pulled down a shower curtain (myself included) knows that those come down fairly easy.

The breakdown

  • Total cost: $8
  • Time: 10 minutes


  • Measure your cabinet first. My rod was almost too big to fit under my sink.
  • Don’t hang more than a few bottles on the rod.
  • Make sure your sink doesn’t hit too close to the front of the cabinets. If it does, you might not have room to hang any bottles.

If you try this project, send us your photos. Don't worry, we won't ask your name if we're looking under your sink. 


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