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See where the hyperlocal Claus is this week.

Santa: I hope I wasn’t supposed to write you good folks every day, because yesterday was just too busy to sit down at a computer. I believe Thanksgiving has become the second busiest day of the whole year for me! There were lots of parades to visit, and I’m as excited as the kids to see all the floats and bands that come marching down the street. It also gives me a chance to find out how well boys and girls mind their Moms and Dads…even Grandparents. You know we have to be safe when we are out like that, so I was happy to see so many children follow directions the first time they were told to hold Mom’s hand, or look both ways before crossing the street.  

And good manners! I can’t tell you how many pleases and thank yous I heard around dinner tables yesterday! Sometimes we get a little cranky when we have to wait on dinner, and share our toys with cousins…but not yesterday. I think everyone I saw – from Marietta to Jasper - goes on the NICE LIST for yesterday!

Where am I today? Can’t say…..but if you are at a mall, you’d better watch out!!

 Mrs Claus: I agree, Santa. So many nice youngsters visiting with their families and friends. It made me a bit homesick for our place up north. I do hope the elves had a …and behaved themselves just as well as these boys and girls.

That makes me think of a question many children asked me last week: “When will my Elf on the Shelf come back?” As I explained, elves have chores to do just like children. They must make sure their Christmas jobs are complete before they can leave to visit with you. I am sure quite a few will show up in the next few days. But don’t worry – they are just as excited to see you as you are to have them come. And don’t forget, they may be there a day or two before you ever see them – and everything they see goes right back to Santa!!  So be good now, and keep your eyes open for those elves!



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