Tell Us: Are You a Good Neighbor?

Got a great neighbor? Live in a lively neighborhood? Celebrate Neighborday on Saturday April 27.

Have you ever gotten onto the highway and wondered if you shut the garage door? Instead of calling a neighbor, did you turn back around? When was the last time your neighborhood had a block party?

Maybe you email, or wave when you pass on the street, but how well do you know your neighbors?

Your chance is today April 27, whcih has been designated as Neighborday. The holiday by GOOD.is goes hand-in-hand with Patch, backing up our efforts at keeping our community connected.

Online aside, think about the meaningful connections we could be losing out on by not knowing our neighbors - childhood friendships, shared carpools, emergency contacts or daycare in a pinch.

Neighborday is a challenge, or an excuse, to step away from the computer and really get to know your street-mates.

Your Neighborday celebration can be as simple as grabbing a few garbage bags for a quick street cleanup. Consider starting a neighborhood phone list or pick a date on the calendar for a street-wide garage sale. How about hosting a bring-your-own-meat bbq?

Sign up online and document your neighboring by taking photos and videos. You can also contribute to the GOOD collaborative Neighborday Documentary.

Be sure to keep the momentum going year-round. Did you establish a neighborhood watch or start a community garden?  Post your progress all year long.

The Neighborday initiative was started by GOOD,  a self-dubbed community of people "who give a damn." The social platform is aimed at getting people to work together on issues they care about.

So, tell us Holly Springs: Has your neighbor dug you out of a snowstorm? Is your cul-de-sac known for firing up the grill on summer weekends?  This Neighborday will you host a dinner party, start a lemonade stand or plan a block party?

Brag about your neighbors and share some of your Neighborday ideas in the comments section below.

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