Stress Out Sunday?

I vote we start a new holiday for the Sunday after the Small Business Saturday after Black Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday.

College football is a mess this year.

As an Alabama fan, I don’t even know what I want—or I’m supposed to want—to happen.

I know we want to beat Auburn.

I think I want LSU to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship, but I’m not sure. I don’t like LSU and I don’t mind Georgia. Based on that one game, I’d rather Georgia win. But I think I’m supposed to want LSU to win so we can play them again in the national title game.

But then again, I’m not sure my blood pressure can handle that game again.

Now, an Arkansas player has been found dead. Joe Paterno has lung cancer and this whole sport, every game, is a complete surprise of twists and turns.

On top of being Iron Bowl week, it’s also Thanksgiving week and the week when people go out all crazy on Friday to wait in lines.

There’s no school this week but we’ll be updating y’all about stuff to do with the kids.

Sister Wives is still on TV and it’s still weird.

Tomorrow night from 5 to 8 p.m. we will be giving away kids meals at

Thanksgiving is Thursday followed by Black Friday and We should make up some new kind of holiday for the Sunday following the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Sugar High Sunday when you eat all the leftover pies? Stress Out Sunday when you realize there is only a few weeks left until Christmas.

Other than that, this week should be easy.

Have a good Monday.


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