Quick Holiday Server

I fell in love with this project a few weeks ago.

I found this project the same way I find most of mine, scouring Stumbleupon for hours. If you don't have an account and you're interested in, well, anything, you must check it out. 

Where I lucked out was in finding plates at that were A. cute and B. seasonal. 

The hardest part was finding the middle. In the original story, it was an upside-down teacup. That didn't exactly suit my color scheme, so I went with the 55-cent candle holder. 

Add some Gorilla glue to both end of the candleholder, wait overnight and you're done.

Total cost: 

  • 55 cents for the candle holder
  • $1.91 for the top plate
  • $3 Set of three plates for the bottom of the tray (I have two left over)
  • Left over Gorilla glue, but you could use superglue I think.


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