Nice 'Stache Bro

Can someone explain the new found interest in facial hair to me?

As I peruse Facebook friends’ wedding photos, craft websites and Pintrest, I can’t help but notice that a majority of people think a fake mustache on a stick or on their finger is absolutely hilarious.

I don’t get it.

A recent theme in my friends’ engagement photos is the couple standing outside in some kind of field holding fake mustaches on sticks to their face so the girl looks like she has facial hair.

And they think it’s stinking hysterical.

It’s not just any mustache. I did some research and it’s called the “Poirot” mustache.

I mean, if I were to emulate it would undoubtedly be the Tom Selleck stache.

I’ve looked for some kind of explanation as to why this is such a fad and why people find it so hilarious, but I’ve yet to get an answer.

Here’s my question:

Is this just something I don’t get (like The Office) or am I missing a story behind it?


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