New Year's Cursed

I'm praying to break this bad spell in 2012.

Statistically, I have really bad New Year's Eves.

I’ve had 23 so far.

Three in high school ended with me staying home in a full-blown pity party. I had friends; my plans just always fell through.

One in high school and two in college ended in breakups. OK, they ended in me getting dumped.

When I was 9, I stayed up with my parents playing 13 Dead End Drive, a board game like Clue but in which the players kill one another. I promise, it’s really cute and upbeat. This was when I was having night terrors and started talking about killing my parents in the middle of the night. Right before they called the preacher for an exorcism, my parents realized that I was still playing the game and didn’t want to “bump” anyone “off.”

Then there was last year, when I started out to hit an opossum and came back home.

What was your best New Year's Eve?

I don’t have a good track record.

That’s eight out of 23 that have ended badly. That’s seven out of the last seven that have ended badly.

So this year, like most, I’m trying to break the curse. I’m technically working but should be able to keep an eye on the site and be able to have a satisfactory evening.

One option is to go downtown for the peach drop.

Another is a small get-together.

I’m open for more options if you have suggestions.


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