Lagarfljót Is Written on the Ceiling

So is gullible. Science says he doesn't exist. Youtube says he does.

Creation amazes me. 

Animals, in all their cuteness, fierceness, might, absolutely astound me on a daily basis. 

Sometimes, I just look at my dogs and think: This little thing is so cool.

I know that sounds like I'm a little stoned, but I'm not. Stay with me.

And part of that fascination rests in the abnormal animals—the albino, the three-legged, the one-eyed and especially the beasts. Growing up I had an albino rabbit and gerbil.

Moreover, part of my fascination with the beasts rests in the decision I made to believe, no matter what, in the existence of Big Foot, Nessie, chupacabras and most recently the Lagarfljót worm of Iceland. 

I know, I know, science says they don't exist. 

But Youtube says they do. 

Go with me. How awesome is it that the entire country of Scotland rallies around this dragon thing that only sometimes presents himself (or herself?).

For ages the people of Mexico, Central and South America have told stories about chupacabras. During several trips to Mexico and Panama, I even heard a little about them. You better believe I was looking for them, too. 

Now there is video proof that the Lagarfljót worm of Iceland exists. Put your skepticism aside for just a second and just think about how awesome it would be if this thing exists. This is the very reason I don't go into the ocean. To quote my father—well, to paraphrase him at least—there's (stuff) out there that will eat you.

True that. What else does Iceland have to put them on the map? Volcanoes? Ice? Hockey maybe? 

Now they have the worm monster. Think about it, Scotland really doesn't have much more than men in skirts and Nessie. 

No, now they have this thing that everyone is going to want to see. Everyone is going to go try to video. There will be t-shirts that say "I met Lagarfljót." 

OK, maybe they won't, but that's they're on fault for having a freakishly hard language. 

Back to my point. Believing in really cool things that might be true is fun. You should try it. I'm not talking about weird culty stuff. I'm talking about harmless things that could actually have happened. There are things at the bottom of the ocean that we don't know about and it's completely plausible that a mutant string of dragon fish things like cold temperatures like Loch Ness and whatever cold water that surrounds Iceland. 

Don't believe me? It's on Youtube. 

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