Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in Holly Springs, Hickory Flat

Gas prices in Holly Springs and Hickory Flat range from $3.71 per gallon to $3.85 per gallon.

Does the recent spike in gas prices have you stressed?

Don't worry because Holly Springs-Hickory Flat Patch has you covered on where to find the cheapest gas in the area.

Clocking in from least to most expensive price per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Holly Springs and Hickory Flat are:

  • $3.71 at Chevron, 6135 Hickory Flat Highway at East Cherokee Drive
  • $3.71 at Kroger, 6766 Hickory Flat Highway near Hickory Road
  • $3.75 at QuikTrip, 4865 Holly Springs Parkway at Sixes Road
  • $3.76 at Marathon, 2619 Holly Springs Parkway near Hickory Road
  • $3.76 at CITGO, 727 Hickory Road near Redbud Lane
  • $3.76 at Shell, 2880 Lower Union Hill Road at Sugar Pike Road
  • $3.78 at Petro, 2916 Hickory Flat Highway at Mauldin Lane
  • $3.79 at Chevron, 125 Sixes Road at Holly Springs Parkway
  • $3.79 at Exxon, 1885 Hickory Flat Highway at Cherokee Overlook Drive
  • $3.85 at Texaco, 2240 Holly Springs Parkway at Pinecrest Road

Editor's Note: Prices are subject to change at time of publication. Gas prices courtesy of Georgia Gas Prices.

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