Dogs Plead for Homes After Owner Is Jailed

Patch's most recent letter to the editor is from one very heartbroken dog.

Pardon the long-winded story. We are Peeper, Bandit and Buster, and our beloved owner went to jail and thus, so did we.

My brothers and I were subject to die by heartstick on a Friday. So Thursday before closing, two wonderful shelter advocates actually felt so bad for us that they took all three of us out to romp one last time and spend some last moments together in the shelter's play yard. All I could do was just smile and smile, and lick my brothers ALL over their faces. I was trying to tell  the boys that I loved them tons, and that we would see each other again across the rainbow bridge after the vet took our life the next day. I assured them in those short moments outside that we would be free of ailments and pain. You see my brothers and me are no "spring chickens." Buster is the oldest and has a growth, the size of a golf ball hanging from his behind, and arthritis.

Next to me, he is the most affectionate one, and he really loves all humans and wants to live and love. Bandit, my black and tan brother is the beautiful, pensive one, and he is definitely the doubter of the bunch, and the most heartbroken about our situation. Although the youngest, he was always our protector and was always our thinker, an old soul of sorts. Ok, well, that was a bit of our background. To make a long story shorter... A miracle happened. Trust me, I heard the people and animals talking, and we had zero hope of being rescued. I mean who wants older dogs anyway? So you want to hear the miracle!!  We girl dogs love to talk! We got rescued!! Basically, this someone from this group Angels Among Us was up tossing and turning thinking about us the night before we were to die. Us? I just could not believe it!!! They got me first and, I would not move, as there was no way I was leaving my brother's behind. But they assured me that they would come back the next day for the boys and they did!! We escaped a cruel death by heartstick. We are so grateful to this sleepless girl and this rescue. Of course, I feel horribly guilty because they saved us without sponsors, and apparently I am going to cost them a lot of money. You see, I have a large mammary tumor, and a growth inside my mouth. I told them to take care of my brothers and not to worry about my tumor, but apparently they love me and my tumor is oozing. They did blood work, and apparently, I am pretty darn healthy minus this huge mass.

I beg you to help these angels help me and my brothers as soon as possible. These people sit up and cry for us, and it breaks my heart. They barely know us! I am currently living in boarding, but my brothers got the most AMAZING foster home. I mean you should see this place! An oasis really, and though I'm not jealous, I just pray that one day I will see my boys again, that maybe someone will help me live and that we will find a forever home where someone will adopt us and let us continue to be a family.

Please share. Their current chipin goal is $950. I am not one to toot my own horn, but I will tell you that if you ever meet me, or my brothers, you will love us and our hugs, and you will see our worth.

I'll bet Bandit really thinks about me cause he'll still be a bit more cautious than Buster.  Good ole Buster though, just give his rear a good scratch or a treat and he's super happy
I wonder if they know that he doesn't like steps.  He goes down them, but forget him going up.  But he'll never go to the bathroom in the house.  They're both so smart that I heard there was a doggie door and they'll use it right away.
I'm sure my brothers are comfortable not only on their beds, but on the couch and the occasional bed!  And if they want food or a treat, they'll talk to you and let you know.  They're good guys and are pretty obedient and easy going.

To donate to these dogs, go to the Angels Among Us website, donate through Paypal and put "Jail Dogs" in the memo section.


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