Canadian Company Recalls Frozen Pie Crust Sold in U.S.

Kinnikinnick said a label applied to some boxes of its frozen pie crust failed to list eggs as an ingredient, creating a danger for people with allergies.


If you have egg allergies, watch out for Kinnikinnick Frozen Pie Crust, as the company says it contains egg products that may not be listed on an applied ingredient label.

The Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), company said products without an ingredient label applied to the box are not subject to this recall, as they correctly list the eggs as an ingredient.

The product being recalled is:
Kinnikinnick Pie Crust (frozen)
Weight: 290 g/10 oz Qty/Pkg: 2
UPC: 62013300600 9

The product is distributed across United States.

  • BB2013NO30
  • BB2012DE12
  • BB2012DE13
  • BB2012DE14
  • BB2012DE17

This incorrectly labeled Kinnikinnick Frozen Pie Crust may cause a serious or life-threatening reaction in persons with allergies to eggs. Consumers who are allergic to EGGS should return the product to point of sale for a refund.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with this recall.

Consumers can contact Kinnikinnick Foods by calling 780-424-2900 or by emailing info@kinnikinnick.com.


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