Thinking Outside the Glass Box

Small businesses have to get creative when it comes to pushing their products.

What happens when you can make your product multiply without more supplies? What happens when a small business is trying to sell a perishable product?

Jennifer Myerscough knows.

Myerscough owns Imagine Ocean, an aquarium and fish supply store in Canton, and knows about the difficulties facing small businesses these days.

So, what helps this small business stay afloat? Loyal customers and specialty products like salt-water fish and corals that regenerate.

Imagine Ocean grows corals through captive propagation—a process that is greener and cheaper and involves taking small pieces of the coral to regrow larger ones.

Instead of jumping into owning fish, Myerscough is interested in educating future owners so they can responsibly maintain their aquarium.

“When somebody comes in here and learns something about a that isn’t warm and fuzzy, it’s a good day for me,” Myerscough said.


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