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Review: Yoguri

On them menu: Raspberry and peach yogurt, jimmies, and red and green gummy bears.

Unseasonably warm weather in the week leading up to Christmas dashed all hopes of seeing any of that white stuff. As the sun made its appearance periodically through the rain clouds, a chilly nip in the air was nowhere to be felt. I realized that I needed something cold, white and frosty to put me in the holiday mood. Enter .

There on the Chambers Street promenade is a frozen yogurt shop that, for a short time, sufficed as a conduit to a festive mood. It would satisfy my basic requirements: something very cold, white and definitely frosty.

Yoguri is a pleasant little self-serve shop with easy-to-follow instructions for making your own perfect frozen confection. Step 1: Pick up your container. Step 2: Select your flavor of yogurt from the dispensers. Step 3: Add your favorite toppings.

Your check is determined by the weight of your container. Pay the clerk and you are seconds away from enjoying a one-of-a-kind fat-free dessert.

I am told that the flavors of the yogurts change regularly, but when I visited Yoguri, the available ones were raspberry, peach, coconut, taro, blueberry pomegranate, white chocolate, vanilla, New York cheesecake, dark Dutch chocolate and caramel. Of course, you can mix them.

I chose raspberry on the bottom, topped with peach yogurt with jimmies and a red-and-green gummy bear as symbols of the Christmas theme.

Next, the generous selection of toppings makes this venture oh so much fun. There are M&M's, multicolored jimmies, coconut flakes, and various kinds of nuts, gummy bears, chocolate shavings, granolas and many other very tempting crunchy bits. Lastly, there are chocolate and caramel syrups and whipped cream.

Yoguri is a delightful place to stop in for a treat and if the weather continues to remain balmy, perhaps it will be enough to put you in the mood to enjoy a long winter’s night.


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