Favorite Shops for Christmas

I missed the season last year, so I'm doubling up in 2011.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if you’re ready for Christmas or not. I am. Starbucks has the red cups, Macy’s is decorated and I tend to merge Thanksgiving and Christmas into one giant warm feeling of family, shopping and food. Last year during Christmas, I was still reeling with moving to Holly Springs and getting the site up and running. My interviews were hurried and my shopping was non-existant. My family will remember this as the year the all got gift cards.

This year, however, I’m ready. Two freak snowstorms (and one term I never want to hear again: snowpocolypse) have taught me the importance of having one good coat and boots even if you live in the Deep South.

No, this year will be different. Presents will be hand-picked, carefully wrapped and delivered. I’ll buy people things that are unique so they can say “Oh, my cousin got this in Georgia” when people ask. So, here’s the preliminary list of places I can’t wait to visit as I search the small businesses for the perfect presents.



What I’m looking for: For my cousin’s birthday in March, I mailed her a necklace from Three Sisters. It’s a pendent on a string, but you can change out the design on the pendent because it’s a magnet.

Whose present I’ll buy: I’ll probably end up getting another few magnets for that same cousin and another necklace set for my best friend. Aside from being genius, these are super easy to mail and they fit in a standard envelope.


What I’m looking for: Wreaths made with leftover Christmas tree branches

Whose present I’ll buy: Early Christmas presents for my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.


What I’m looking for: Any kind of paraphernalia that is motorcycle related as my father grows dangerously near to owning the entire Harley Davidson store. 

Whose present I’ll buy: My daddy is a late-in-life biker who likes all the toys and gadgets. I like going in here because they're nicer and less condescending to women who don't know as much—but still know a lot—about motorcycles. 


What I’m looking for:Jams and jellies, peaches, baked goods. 

Whose present I’ll buy: Martha Stewart I am not. I plan on stopping in here for something homemade that I can buy before parties. Trust me on this one, it's going to be better than if I try to make it myself. Sometimes it's more than the thought that counts—it's the taste. 


What I’m looking for: Last year I barely changed out of sweats during Christmas. This year, I’m going to a Christmas party no matter what. Watch out, I might just show up at yours if nobody else invites me to one. I love the cute clothes at Coco’s Cottage, not to mention the accessories to dress up some of my more casual outfits.

Whose present I’ll buy: My own. 


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