Business Q&A: Union Hill Grill

Co-owner Elizabeth Riordan of Union Hill Grill spoke with Holly Springs Patch about the pros and cons of working in Hickory Flat.

David and Elizabeth Riordan own five restaurants in the area. Their newest endeavor, is their first restaurant in Hickory Flat and has been opened since January.

What sets you apart from other small, local businesses?

We’ve got a full bar, an extensive wine list, and casual fine dining that nobody else offers unless you drive into downtown Roswell. We have hand-cut steaks, seafood and a small, intimate, cozy environment.

What are the challenges of running a small business in Hickory Flat?

I don’t find it too challenging because it’s our fifth restaurant. When we opened the doors, we had a built-in clientele. We’re off the beaten path and getting the word out, introducing ourselves, is always a challenge.

What are the benefits of having a restaurant in Hickory Flat?

We don’t have any competition, we’re doing something that no one else is offering and we’re doing it well.

What is one thing you wish people knew about Union Hill Grill?

Since we’re in an obscure strip, people drive by and probably expect us to be more casual. Half the time when they walk in here pleasantly surprised. We have a full bar, 75 bottles of wine, and you don’t have to drive to Alpharetta for dinner.

What’s your biggest seller?

We sell a lot of steaks, duck breast and lamb chops and shrimp. 


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